Berlin with Kids: Explorations of Pünktchen & Anton’s City

Legoland, Labyrinth & Zoo: The fact that boredom is a foreign concept in Berlin is evident from this small selection alone. After all, the global city on the Spree offers a colorful array of attractions for all ages, tastes, and importantly, for every type of weather. If during your visit to Berlin the weather brings only rain, cold, or snow, a long list of exciting indoor activities awaits you.

From beautiful green spaces, parks, and lakes to adventure worlds and modern museums, to zoos where pandas, lions, and little monkeys roam – there are abundant options for diverse activities in Berlin with children.

Some selected examples of destinations that offer unforgettable moments for young visitors to the German capital can be found in the sections below. Of course, you can also follow timeless children’s stories like Erich Kästner’s “Pünktchen and Anton”, which are teeming with scenes set in Berlin.


Berlin Parks, Gardens & Lakes: A Never-ending Garden of Eden for Young & Old

Breathing in the scent of the first signs of spring, playing catch with colorful butterflies, bathing in the lake, walking through rustling autumn leaves, collecting chestnuts, building snowmen, and letting both tired young and old feet relax on special barefoot paths: Berlin’s green spaces are a haven for all senses in every season, providing countless opportunities to connect with nature.

The same goes for the wide range of activities available. Whether it’s walking, hiking, scavenger hunts, climbing, cycling, or swimming: Berlin’s parks and lakes offer affordable fun for the entire family. All that’s missing is a handy picnic basket filled with the best treats Berlin has to offer!


Berlin with Kids: Some of the Best Destinations for Your Joint Stay:

Großer Wannsee (Zehlendorf): Nestled amidst forest and dunes. Perfect for water lovers of all ages. Recommended activities include watersports, swimming pool, boat tours, and of course, swimming and building sandcastles to your heart’s content. The perfect activity for children in Berlin.

Großer Müggelsee (Köpenick): Strandbad Müggelsee or Rahnsdorf on the north shore with about 60 meters of shallow water is ideal for younger children. Other highlights around the lake include the Teufelssee playground located in the forest, the Rübezahl climbing playground, and the Teufelssee educational trail. Your little ones are sure to feel at home here!
Volkspark Friedrichshain: A green oasis with a fragrance garden, sunbathing lawn, open-air stage, climbing rocks, and numerous sports and playgrounds. Attractive for young and old is the fairy tale fountain, beautifully adorned with familiar figures, including Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Hans in Luck.


Berlin Zoos: Where Children’s Dreams and Animal Worlds Merge

In Berlin’s Zoological Garden and Zoo, nature enthusiasts, both young and old, have a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with flora and fauna from foreign regions and befriend the residents.

Both institutions not only emphasize providing interesting information about the animals and authentic insights into their natural habitats. But you can also immediately apply and test the knowledge gained through interactive games.
Environmental and animal protection also play a central role. Serious threats like habitat destruction, pollution, and more are highlighted to raise your collective awareness of important environmental concerns.

The latest sensation in Berlin’s zoo, opened in May 2023, takes you and your offspring into the vast expanses of the African savannah landscape. On approximately 45,000 square meters, including a 120-meter long giraffe path, not only will you meet the graceful long-necks with their warm, thickly-lashed eyes, but also wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, and other wildlife – an ideal discovery for you and your children in Berlin!

A perfect place for a first friendly (and safe) encounter between children and wild animals.
By the way, if you’re only staying for the weekend, we’ve got a few insider tips for you.


Fascination Dino: Tristan Otto & Friends at the Berlin Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs have always captured the imaginations of both children and adults. Opened in 1889, the Museum of Natural History on Invalidenstraße proudly displays Tristan Otto, the only original Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in Europe so far, and the crowd favorite, Oskar. Since 2009, the former Brachiosaurus Brancai has been assigned to the Giraffatitan Brancai genus. This tallest herbivore, which lived 150 million years ago and measures 13.27 meters, was named by the visitors.

Other exciting sights from the captivating world of dinosaurs for you and your children include: The Kentrosaurus aethiopicus from the Stegosaur family, the flying dinosaur (Pterosauria), which started small but grew significantly in the Cretaceous period with wingspans up to 11 meters, and the Allosaurus Fragilis, which is a part of the Theropod (carnivore) group.

Another treat for fossil enthusiasts is the approximately 150 million-year-old Archaeopteryx Lithographica, believed to be the most famous of its kind. This transitional form, as described by Charles Darwin, possesses teeth, claws, and a bony tail of reptiles, along with bird-like flight feathers. Fascinating, right?
A small tip: If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate a special occasion surrounded by dinosaurs, the Berlin Museum of Natural History offers that chance. There are fantastic Dino craft parties, providing fun, creativity, and dino insights for birthday kids from the age of 5. The museum also lets those aged 8 and above step into the role of an excavation leader during day and night events.


Berlin Then & Now: Stunning Views from 203 Meters (Tower Height)

A hallmark of the city, offering unparalleled panoramic views of Berlin and enriching visitors with historical insights: in short, the Berlin TV Tower is a must-see for both tourists and locals.
A great way to start is with a family breakfast at the Sphere restaurant. Here, you can get a breathtaking overview of the city and fortify yourself with delicious food and drinks for a day full of new experiences. This spot is also ideal for romantic evenings. If you find some time during your family trip to Berlin, we have listed a few addresses for you.
Additionally, the tower provides many intriguing historical insights. Modern VR events are a hit with younger visitors. In just about 15 minutes, these events, with impressive 3D animations, take you through 9 centuries of Berlin’s turbulent history. More thrilling experiences can be found here.


Following the Trail of the Buddy Bears

Cute, colorful, emblematic of Berlin’s bear symbol, and with an essential message: following these friendly bears around Berlin is a splendid idea. It’s like a treasure hunt, where children get fresh air, exercise, and a chance to discover other attractions in the city. Since these vibrant bears often move or change locations, it’s always good to check their current whereabouts before visiting with your children.

So, no fixed route here, just a suggestion and some background information on these now indispensable Berlin artworks. A closer look at these cheerful fellows quickly reveals how they represent the bustling metropolis in various ways.

The key facts at a glance: Each Buddy Bear has the life-size dimensions of a bear and is hand-painted. No two are alike; each one sports a unique colorful design. Both artistically and symbolically, they represent a tribute to diversity.


Innovation & Science: Experience exciting technological achievements up close with children

For kids, there might be nothing more boring than wandering through dusty buildings and trying to decipher inscriptions, depending on their age. However, you’ll quickly discover that Berlin’s museums are anything but dusty. After all, everything here is designed to keep even the littlest visitors entertained with engaging interactive displays, all while imparting valuable knowledge in a fun way.

When it comes to the trio of innovation, technology, and science, spiced up with a fair dose of curiosity and the joy of discovery that’s so characteristic of our young ones, places like the Labyrinth Children’s Museum, the Futurium, and the German Museum of Technology should definitely be on your to-do list when visiting Berlin with kids.
All these places share a forward-thinking, innovative nature, taking lessons from the past while introducing visitors to groundbreaking new ideas, insights, and achievements. Trying things out and getting involved, despite any initial hesitations, are the order of the day here.

In the Museum of Technology, for instance, you can trace the path of technological progress. This might mean admiring an impressive collection of planes, ships, and trains. Operating the levers of a steam engine or exploring the inside of a submarine are just some of the experiences that will excite not just the younger museum-goers.

The latest technology combined with interactive exhibits that focus on critical topics like climate and sustainability can be found at the “House of the Futures” (Alexanderufer). The Futurium is a must-see in Berlin (not only) for kids. Here, the future takes center stage, with discussions focusing on opportunities, possibilities, challenges like technological advancements, dwindling resources, and climate change. The attached Futurium Lab lets kids and adults alike give free rein to their experimental curiosity, follow their ideas, and search for solutions.

As the name suggests, the Labyrinth Children’s Museum (Osloer Straße) caters specifically to young explorers aged 3 to 11. Everything here revolves around pure curiosity, creativity, and action. Whether it’s trying out dream jobs like firefighter, astronaut, vet, or pilot, creating artwork, or exploring and embracing diversity in all its forms: the Labyrinth provides the space and impetus for growth and discovery.

As a fourth stop on the innovation journey, the Legoland Discovery Centre should also be mentioned. After all, this colossal indoor playground, complete with a LEGO factory, 4D cinema, and MINILAND, also offers plenty of opportunities for awe, exploration, trying things out, creating, and building. It’s an experience for young and old tinkerers alike and is also a perfect refuge when the weather isn’t cooperating.


Relax, feast & play: Berlin’s child-friendly cafes & more

It’s well-known that Berlin is brimming with cafes. However, what might not be as widely known is that there are cozy spots specifically catering to parents with children.
So, what exactly is a children’s cafe? Or, in other words, what can you expect from a visit?

While there’s no definitive or one-size-fits-all answer, since every cafe varies in character, menu, and amenities, they all generally offer a welcoming atmosphere that caters to the special wishes and needs of younger guests. Typically, there’s a play area filled with various toys and craft materials. Standard features also include spacious, child-friendly restrooms where you can easily change diapers. And last but not least, snacks and beverages that both adults and kids will enjoy.

You can find these relaxing havens in just about every district, offering a well-deserved break after all the activities in Berlin with kids.
One example is Café Krümelkeks in Marzahn (Allee der Kosmonauten), boasting its cookie factory, year-round ice cream, and everything a child’s heart could desire. Given these irresistible offerings, it’s no wonder Café Krümelkeks quickly becomes a paradise on Earth for parents and kids with a sweet tooth.


Other highly recommended spots include:

The Parent-Child-Café Charlottchen in Charlottenburg (Droysenstraße), which also offers a colorful children’s program in the adjoining theater;
Café Blume in Neukölln, tempting visitors with culinary delights for the whole family, a wooden slide, a spacious terrace, and its proximity to Hasenheide Park;
Café Kreuzzwerg (Hornstraße), where little ones can enjoy a vast ball pit or share cakes, tortillas, and other snacks with adults. Another perk: The Gleisdreieck Park is just around the corner, beckoning with more outdoor activities.

And if you find yourselves hungrier while touring Berlin? The German capital won’t disappoint with its extensive list of child-friendly restaurants.
For instance, the centrally located Schnitzelei Mitte at Chausseestr. 8 promises to silence even the loudest stomach growls with its array of delicacies. It’s the perfect spot to take a break, especially after an engaging museum visit or city tour.

It’s clear that when vacationing with kids, regardless of the location, not everything can be planned in advance. Flexibility and adaptability are key. Activities in Berlin with kids are no exception.
So, a piece of final advice: Enjoy a colorful array of unique events but leave enough room for spontaneous decisions and unexpected encounters. After all, the bustling global city of Berlin is like a treasure trove full of surprises for both young and old.

If you’re still looking for more exciting attractions, we’ve compiled a list for you!


A Family Adventure: Exploring Berlin with Children

A trip to Berlin with kids promises a unique, unforgettable time filled with discoveries and joy. The varied activities in Berlin for children offer a wide range of activities that turn your stay in the metropolis into both an educational and fun experience. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, the opportunities for activities with kids in Berlin are virtually endless. From exciting museums and expansive parks to creative playgrounds – the capital offers a unique blend of learning and play spaces that will captivate both the young and the old. Berlin will undoubtedly be remembered by your kids as a grand adventure!

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