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Guests without a reservation can either purchase their ticket at the ticket office in the bottom right corner of the entrance area or buy it at the ticket machines located outside and inside the Berlin Television Tower at Alexanderplatz. Restaurant or Fast View tickets can also be purchased online at and then printed at home. Restaurant or Fast View tickets ordered in advance via the reservation centre must be picked up at the ticket office at the bottom right corner of the entrance area. Groups with reservations receive their tickets at the ticket office at the bottom right corner of the entrance area.

A normal ticket is placed in the virtual queue of the ticket system. The computer reads the ticket number and calculates the average length of stay in the tower every ten minutes. From this extrapolation it can calculate the admission time of tickets not yet redeemed and call those ticket holders using the SMS system, by SMS to the tower 30 minutes in advance. For restaurant and Fast View tickets, the date and time of admission are set in advance. These guests are requested to appear punctually at the agreed time.

Can I go up the tower without having to wait? This is possible with the Fast View Ticket. Pre-order access to the observation deck and Bar 203 located there at a date and time decided you decide. In addition to entry without waiting, the restaurant ticket guarantees a table reservation in the “Sphere” restaurant. Choose the date and time of your visit: the table is automatically reserved for you when you book the ticket. Following the visit to the restaurant, you can continue your stay on the observation deck in Berlin's highest bar, Bar 203.

After receiving the reservation confirmation, the tickets can be collected and paid for in advance at the ticket office in the bottom right corner of the entrance area.

If you buy an observation deck ticket at the ticket office, you may have to wait after buying the ticket before gaining admission to the TV tower, as capacity is limited due to safety constraints. In this case, send an SMS with the SMS code of your ticket to telephone number +49 (0) 151 15 16 39 22. You will then receive a confirmation SMS and can take a leisurely look around the surrounding sights or go shopping. Approximately 30 minutes before the calculated admission time to the Berlin TV tower, you will receive a second SMS with the information that your ticket has been called. You incur no additional costs in addition to your normal SMS fees.

Send an SMS with the SMS code of your ticket to telephone number +49 (0) 151 15 16 39 22. You will then receive a confirmation SMS. Approximately 30 minutes before the calculated admission time to the Berlin TV tower, you will receive a second SMS with the information that your ticket has been called.

You incur no additional costs in addition to your normal SMS fees.

You can also wait outside the tower. If you have a mobile phone, please use our free SMS service to be called by our ticket system 30 minutes before your calculated admission time to the tower. We recommend visiting our “Berlin Stars” partners while waiting.

If you have a reservation, you do not have to queue in the normal ticket queue. After you have hung up your coat, you can go directly to the ticket vendor at the ticket office and pick up your reserved tickets.

Guests with reservations and restaurant or Fast View tickets should use the main entrance and use the hallway past the cloakroom.

Yes. Of course, an intelligent and innovative ticket system, which prevents a queue from forming in front of the ticket office and unnecessary waiting times for the customer, only works if admission takes place exactly at the specified time. In this respect, you have to arrive at the entrance at the specified time (maximum 5–10 minutes before), although you may have to wait at the security check and the lift. The time of the restaurant visit then depends on when you report with the restaurant ticket at the entrance to the restaurant – the next vacant space is then guaranteed. However, a whole table cannot be guaranteed.

Your ticket will still be valid for a grace period of 10 minutes, after which it will be void. If you are stuck in traffic, etc. we recommend that you call us on +49 (0) 30 24 75 75 85 so that we can modify your reservation if necessary. However, you may have to wait for admission the tower.

On presentation of a valid student card you will receive a 20% discount on our observation deck tickets. We do not offer a senior citizen discount.

Regrettably, accessibility did not play a role in planning and construction in the 1960s. Despite all efforts and the support of authorities, as well as disability and trade associations, the tower can not be retrofitted to be barrier-free. In order to ensure the safety of visitors in case of evacuation, wheelchair users and persons with a walking impediment (i.e. persons who can not move without help or assistance, such as crutches, etc.) are unfortunately not able to enter the Berlin TV Tower.

The waiting time depends, among other things, on the number of visitors and the current weather conditions. For these reasons, we can not provide any information in advance. However, you do not need to schedule waiting times for admission to the tower if you have restaurant or Fast View tickets. Otherwise, you will have to wait at least an hour in high season, and sometimes even two or more hours. However, you can use this time to leisurely explore the surroundings. Our free SMS service will call you to the tower by SMS 30 minutes before the estimated admission time. For this, please follow the instructions on the back of your ticket.

The waiting period depends on the number guests and their length of stay in the tower. It can take up to 1.5 hours, and in rare cases longer. Please note that there can be a waiting period at the ticket office even after the purchase of a ticket. You can find out how to minimize your waiting time under “Planning your visit”.

When you have gone through the turnstile in the upper entrance hall, please keep to the right and note the signs for restaurant and Fast View tickets as well as for all other guests.

The length of stay in the restaurant and in the tower is unlimited. However, we ask for your understanding that when there are reservations and we can only give you a table in the restaurant for a limited time.

Parking is available in the multi-story car park belonging to the Hotel Park Inn, in RathausPassagen in Grunerstrasse, in Otto-Braun-Strasse or in Alexa on Alexanderstraße. You can find the location of the multi-storey car parks under Area Map & Driving Directions on our website

You can pay by cash, debit or credit card.

No. For safety reasons, do not carry large items of luggage, rucksacks, bags, pushchairs, empty or filled containers with you up the tower.

Prams cannot be taken for safety reasons. However, you may leave them at the wardrobe located inside the entrance area of the Berlin Television Tower. For more information, see the section entitled Safety.

No, dogs may not be taken for safety reasons. Guide dogs are excepted. For more safety-relevant information, see the section entitled Safety.

You can rebook the ticket via our homepage by e-mail to . If you booked the ticket with a third party, you must contact that third party.

Yes. For safety reasons, the maximum number of persons is 350 for both floors. This means that even if the restaurant still has spaces, visitors are no longer allowed to go up when the maximum number of people has been reached.

Our vouchers are sold at the cash desk or in the souvenir shop in the entrance foyer of the Berlin TV tower. The customer can freely select the value. Vouchers can also be booked online via this link . Once the voucher has been purchased online, it will be sent to the customer by post.

To know the exact number of people in the tower, we need to monitor those entering and exiting the tower.

Between 1965 and 1969. It was inaugurated on 3 October 1969 and opened on 7 October 1969.

368 m including the tip of the antenna.

In good weather you can see as far as the Tropical Islands resort about 70 to 80 km away.

There are only evacuation stairs that are inaccessible to the public.

The tower sways up to 15 cm on the restaurant level.

For safety reasons, there are two kitchens. One is located at ground level about 200 meters outside the tower. The food is prepared there. It is then delivered, several times a day, to the 11 m² kitchen located on the restaurant level and finished there. Fried food cannot be prepared.

The kitchen on the ground floor is a fully-fitted kitchen, the kitchen in the restaurant at a height of 207 m is a satellite kitchen and is about 11 m².

In the same lifts that the guests travel in. This requires very good logistics.

No, the Berlin TV Tower is a non-smoking area.


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Ticket types
Ticket types

With our Fast track tickets you do not have to queue at the entrance to get into the Berlin TV Tower. Guests can also buy standard tickets at the ticket desk at the Tower.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods: credit cards (Mastercard, VISA) and Giropay and Vouchers from Berlin TV Tower.

All payment methods are free of charge. At the Tower’s ticket desk you can also pay in cash or using your debit card.

At the tower
At the tower

Due to increased security measures, please arrive at the Berlin TV Tower a minimum of 15 minutes before your selected time.

Fast track ticket holders can follow the TICKET HOLDER signs straight to the upper lobby. Please see our cloakroom information.

Ticket scan at the turnstiles

To scan your ticket at the turnstile, please place the printed code directly beneath the scanner. Please keep your ticket with you – you will need it to exit the Tower.

Visiting the restaurant without reservation

If you decide while you are at the observation deck that you wish to visit the Sphere restaurant, please contact the desk in front of the restaurant for available tables.


Berlin Welcome Card or Berlin Stars voucher booklet holders will receive their discount when buying entry tickets at the ticket desk. This discount does not apply to Fast track tickets.


Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. As such, please observe our safety instructions and our General Terms and Conditions of Business.

Luggage policy


Entry to the Berlin TV Tower is prohibited with large items of luggage, suitcases, trolleys, rucksacks and shopping bags. We recommend that you leave any luggage in the lockers at Alexanderplatz station.



For safety reasons, prams unfortunately cannot be brought onto the premises. For more detailed information, see the Safety section.


It is unfortunately not permitted to take animals into the TV Tower. Only visually impaired people are permitted to take their guide dogs into the TV Tower. For more information, please see the safety instructions and our General Terms and Conditions of Business.


Restaurant guests are kindly requested to leave their coats at the cloakroom (free of charge) in the foyer of the Tower.


The Berlin TV Tower provides its guests with free WiFi in the entrance area, on the observation deck and in the restaurant.

Our entrance
Our entrance

The main entrance is opposite Alexanderplatz S-Bahn train station. You can also use our 3D tour or the area map to find your bearings.

Waiting time
Waiting time

You can also explore beyond the Tower and stroll along Alexanderplatz while you wait. If you have a mobile phone, our free SMS Service can “call” you to the Tower 30 minutes before your estimated entry time in our ticketing system.


Aufgrund der im Berliner Fernsehturm bestehenden baulichen Gegebenheiten, ist um die Sicherheit der Besucher im Evakuierungsfall zu gewährleisten, Rollstuhlfahrern und Personen mit aktueller Gehbehinderung, d. h. Personen, die sich nicht ohne fremde Hilfe oder ohne Hilfsmittel, wie Krücken etc. fortbewegen können, der Zutritt nicht möglich.

Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen und Hintergründe.


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