Important information

Things you need to know for your visit


Limited accessibility

Due to the existing structural conditions, in order to ensure the safety of visitors in case of evacuation, wheelchair users and people who currently have limited mobility, such as those who are unable to move without assistance or aids such as crutches etc., are unfortunately not permitted to access the Berlin TV Tower.


More details


For safety reasons, we ask all guests to deposit their coats free of charge in our cloakroom in the lower foyer.

Security checks

For security reasons all Berlin TV Tower visitors must consent to a body and bag check prior to entry and once inside the Tower. If the visitor refuses these checks, TV Turm GmbH may deny them access to the tower.


Please take into account the possibility of delays caused by security checks outside and inside the Tower when planning your visit.

Your safety

Your safety is our top priority. The Berlin TV Tower team and guests have a shared responsibility to ensure the safety of all visitors. You can help us by avoiding bringing objects which could endanger people’s safety. These include bottles, cans or other liquid containers, as well as weapons, knives, etc. Items which are classed as dangerous will be disposed of. A claim for restitution or compensation is expressly excluded.


Access to the Berlin TV Tower is prohibited with:

  • Food and beverages of any kind
  • Animals of any kind (except guide dogs)
  • Prams, skateboards, scooters, bicycles
  • Large items of luggage, suitcases, trolley suitcases, rucksacks etc.
  • Weapons, hazardous substances (e.g. pressurised gas containers, glass bottles, fireworks etc.)