New beginnings – international photo exhibition


The exceptional pandemic we have experienced this year will be remembered. Never before have we seen cities around the world so disrupted at the same time, even to the point of being stopped, confined and emptied of their inhabitants. Everywhere, we discovered our cities as we  had  never before seen them, or even imagined them. “Stay at home» has become the way to protect us. Then, gradually, we saw the first signs of awakening, of a rebirth and finally life beginning again.

Magnicity, the global leader in experiencing cities from above wanted to give a testimony of this unprecedented and striking moment by proposing a photographic exhibition on its 5 sites across Europe and the USA and online on By their position and their dominant views of the cities, these tourist sites are privileged witnesses of what their  inhabitants experienced. Of this unprecedented crisis there will be memories. There will be a before and an after.

New beginnings proposes to discover through the singular glance of the photographers a testimony of this exceptional period. In Berlin, the photographers told us of their mixed feelings as they criss-crossed the capital at the beginning of the confinement: a feeling of transgression of the ban on going out, and at the same time, the singular impression of having the city for oneself.

Then, as time went on, when life took its course, the eye of the photographers captured the return of the inhabitants to the city, not quite as before, masked, far from each other but happy to find the familiar places they had missed. They witnessed, day by day, the gradual return of a daily life  on the street, with children playing, friends getting together, colleagues.

From the astonishment of the absence of life in these cities, to the return of a social life that we wish for more than ever warm and supportive, New beginnings presents unusual photographic testimonies, heavy or funny, but always full of hope and humanity.

All the exhibitions of the 5 Magnicity websites online on All sales made online and at the shop are for the benefit of Care International and “Bürgerstiftung Berlin”.

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