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Activate the SMS Call Service

You don't have to stay at the TV Tower while you wait.

Instead, why not enjoy a stroll around Alexanderplatz or a visit to one of the many attractions nearby? We will text you 30 minutes before your personal entry time, when your TV Tower adventure will begin.

1. SMS code on the entry ticket

Your individual SMS CODE is on your ticket.

2. Send an SMS code

Send an SMS with your code to +49 151 15 16 39 22. You will then receive a confirmation by SMS.

3. Spend your free time outside the Tower

Shop, go sightseeing or have a bite to eat while you wait.

4. SMS reminder

You will receive an SMS 30 minutes before you are due to go to the top of the Tower. This allows you to be back at the Tower in good time.

5. Enjoy the view

Arrive at the observation deck of the Berlin TV Tower on time with your ticket.

 If you have not bought a Fast track ticket, you may have to wait.